Website Audits

We will get your site match-fit!

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Digital Agency

We are AmberEye, a new digital marketing agency, but we are not “just another” agency.

Website Optmization

We will optimize your website in a way that improves its positioning in search engines.


We will ensure that your business will be well positioned in the search engines.


We will guarantee better performance on clicks on your site.

Community Management

We will show you the best way to deal with your audience. We can also do it for you.

Content Creation

We create exclusive and specific content for your audience in a way that values SEO.

Content Marketing​

Your social media content will be ready for your specific marketing audience

Graphic Design​​

Don't worry, we have a team prepared to create all kinds of art you need.


Need to find a medium for your social media? Are you in doubt? Let us help you!


Our team is trained to find the best strategy on the market specifically for your product.



3.5 Billions

people in the world are in internet today.


of shopping occasions begin online.


100 Billions

of searches every month on Google.



of your customers won’t go further than the first page of Google Search.

Why? What is that?

Website Audit

We will analyze your site to see if it’s “firing on all cylinders” and will use that as the basis for planning and consulting with you in relation to your digital marketing strategies into the future. Over time this will improve your SEO and site ranking with Google which will bring you more clients.

search engine optimization

SEO Ranking Why?

Nowadays it is very important to be well positioned in the search engines! Millions of people search every day for solutions to their problems, and most of them (65% of them in general) click on the first 5 suggestions! So you need to be among the first options!

Count On Us​

Return on Investment (ROI)

Improvement in SEO and ranking will yield dividends and you will notice that your budget will be reduced over time as your ROI increases.

You have questions?

and We have your back

That very much depends on what you are offering, for a service Facebook or Twitter are ideal, for a product which can be something visual, then WhatsApp or Instagram could be better as a “shop window” along with a “story” about the product.

Not necessarily, it’s like shoe-shopping, different sizes for different people, but we will advise on the best ones for your business.

Yes it can, we will look at your site and also consult with you on both adding and/or editing your current content.

Not necessarily fast, it’s more a case of what works more effectively which we will advise you on for getting the message out to your target demographic.

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We certainly try to provide a full service, that is our “raison d’etre”, but we will  be taking our lead from you initially to keep us focused on providing you with the most effective marketing strategies.