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Do You Own A Restaurant/Food Outlet And  Want To Grow Your Customer Base?

We will help you create an effective online presence that can start getting you orders from customers beyond your four walls...

In 2020 - Food Outlets And Cafes Have Gone Beyond Brick And Mortar Because of Covid so What Are You Waiting For?

These days, a lot of your customers are either too busy, too lazy or probably too careful (due to Covid) to visit any restaurant or takeaway for collection.

They’ll rather place an order online as it’s far easier and more convenient for them,
because of this, it’s now very important and also practical for you to set up a web presence that can process food orders so continue reading.

Post COVID, It’s Time to Get Online and Get Busy!

McDonald gets 10 McDelivery orders every second, that gives an average of 3600 orders per hour… You can grab a share of this market when you take your restaurant online!

Digital ordering and delivery has grown 300% faster than footfall traffic since 2018 .

60% of consumers order food delivery or takeout at least once a week.

34% of consumers spend at least €30 per order when ordering food online.

If This Is The Way To Go And Obviously It Is, How Do You Set Things Up?

Basically, you would need an expert who is proficient in web development, digital marketing and restaurant management systems and costing anywhere between  

10, 000 – €15,0000 to set up but would it be worth the outlay?

Would an App Help to Keep

Your Restaurant Open?

Take Domino’s as an example. It’s the world’s largest pizza chain, and a powerhouse you’re probably competing against – a significant part of the chain’s success is it’s useful and convenient app.

The numbers are no joke, their sales grew by 19% in the first half of 2020, and over 90% of sales came via online/mobile orders.

Customers love the app for two main reasons.

1. They can order pizza whenever and wherever they want.

2. They can easily pay for their food from within the app using their saved card details,
and as Domino’s owns the app outright, the company doesn’t pay a single cent to, say, LetsEat.

So if you are a restaurant owner/business the good news is AmberEye can develop an app and, before you ask, it won’t cost between €10,000 and €15,000.

We can provide all the functionality offered by larger chains while keeping your independent restaurant’s unique character and branding intact not to mention also increasing customer loyalty why not speak to one of the team soon?

digital marketing agency dublin

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