What’s happening with ads these days?

What we know from 2020 when this pandemic landed on us it changed all our lives forever and ever amen but a lot of businesses actually ended up paying a lot less than before for their digital marketing, and the reason for this was because their competitors decided to put their money somewhere else and those that didn’t all of a sudden had less competition than before and guess what? The price dropped.

So if you’re thinking about doing Google and/or Facebook ads now is the time to really jump on that. So what about the people who will currently buy from you and the people that want to buy from you?

These people want to know what your values are and want to know what you stand for. This is something that is different than any other time in our history when it comes to acquiring clients as they care a lot about your social beliefs and it’s a growing area here in Ireland.

So we highly recommend having a charity or a not for profit business that you support and make it known that your business believes in these people and what they are doing and that you are supporting them and that is going to get you some really strong brand recognition and relationship building that almost no other type of marketing could buy you so maybe it’s worth considering as it’s still tough out there both locally and globally and we need all the resources we can muster, yes?

Don’t let the pandemic beat you

During the last year we saw a major shift in consumer behaviour as well as a digital transformation for most brick and mortar stores. This won’t change much during 2021, as employees continue to work remotely and the vaccine roll-out won’t be complete until at least the end of this year.

To stay in touch with the world, many social media platforms are including e-commerce capabilities to make the buyer experience more seamless. If your business can connect with the consumer through good content and meet their requirements then you should see significant conversions.

Ensure your keywords are longer and conversationally formatted as in answering a question, make sure to include frequently asked questions related to your product or service, be it on a page or blog so that as interactive content you can be found on Siri, Alexa and/or Google Assistant. These will be part of Google’s ranking factors criteria starting next May so you have plenty of time.

Consumers are looking for on-the-go bite-size entertainment and information, that’s a big reason why video content receives the most engagement on posts so invest in video content to further engage your audience and it doesn’t have to be expensive, almost all of us carry a video recorder in our pockets these days so why not use your smartphone?

The bottom line should be on creating a unique and optimized customer experience that nurtures relationships and strengthens consumer loyalty so call a Zoom/Skype meeting and start bouncing ideas around?


Why is off-season marketing important at the moment?

While consumer recognition is important an off-season marketing strategy can still maintain and enhance your online visibility if you want to sell ice cream in winter or wellingtons in spring – see above.

As a marketer, you may find customers wanting to “pause” during off-season, this is a mistake and can be damaging in the long term by having to start all over again to generate brand awareness and loyalty.

So what to do?

Some consumers are actively searching to buy from your business as you are reading this so your message must be consistent across networks and should communicate your value proposition where possible to ensure that your message creates both need and also curiosity almost daily. This will also allow you to identify the best channels to connect with your target audience.

Also look at how improve your online presence on local listings such as Google my Business? (We can fix that for you if needed).

Maintaining your level of marketing during the off-season can contribute greatly to your performance later on, resulting in increased sales when seasonal buying trends improve to your advantage and can offset any increased competition and more expensive CPC, so investing in off-season marketing can help businesses connect with their consumers in a more cost effective way as you will still be “visible” 24/7 online regardless of the time of day or year so maybe start here?: https://localiq.com/blog/seasonal-marketing/

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