'I have more followers than the C of E’: meet the religious stars of Instagram

From the priest who runs Spinning classes to the vegan preacher, how are they spreading the gospel on social media? Interviews by Deborah Linton

In 2015, my friends invited me to do a slot called Rev Chris Reacts on their YouTube channels. I appeared in my dog-collar, reviewing food, culture and music; one video of me watching Ariana Grande’s God Is A Woman has now racked up over 8m views.

I’ve had women send me naughty pictures. I generally scream, ‘Oh my God!’ and ask my wife to deal with them

It’s important to me that people recognise that clergy are as multidimensional as anyone else

Seeing the British Muslim community evolve and move online during lockdown was inspirational

I’m in a group called Whisky Circle. That community of enthusiasts, from all different walks of life, is lovely

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