Coronavirus cabin fever: the best celebrities to follow, from Robbie Williams to Florence Pugh

Stars – they’re just like us! As in: losing their minds with boredom and making increasingly hysterical content. Here are some of the best regular feeds

Famous people are used to hearing the echo of applause and crowds of compliments everywhere they go. When they are suddenly confined to their homes, surreal things start to happen.

Maybe that’s one good thing to come from this unprecedented time: that we have the pleasure – and sometimes the intense displeasure – of watching celebrities squint intensely at their phone screens, looking for connection, looking for transcendence, looking for someone to request that they sing an unplugged version of their 1997 hit single Angels.

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robbie williams curing coronavirus with his instagram live

Crazy times …. stay calm and cool. Sending #quarantinaarena #thanksJackfortheupdatedpic

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Two Short Pomes For Twitter . Love pomes. ( btw stay safe. keep distance, wash yr hands and look — get on FaceTime or Skype- makes all the difference to those you love)

don’t need anymore proof that tweenage me was a powerful indie rock witch

Bruce Robinson wrote these wonderful lines for WITHNAIL to utter, which will hopefully usher in your weekend with a chuckle. ‘Chin-chin’!

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Ok Chris. I trust you. Let me make this bread and I’ll be in your area tomorrow early afternoon!!

slipping deep into that self quarantine delirium…. #stayhome ps: insta live mini art class with @clairo in an hour!!! @huckkwong

Living in Special Times…………its 3 am—-cut me some slack people. #quarantine #covid_19 #staysafe #becreative

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