7 Tips for Survival in a Competitive Training Industry

Each year, the training world seems to get just a little bit more competitive, doesn’t it? That’s certainly the view of 24% of those we surveyed in our Training Industry Benchmark Report, who claimed that one of the biggest challenges to running a successful training business was increased competition. So, how can you combat against […]

Everything Training Providers Need To Know About Blended Learning [Q&A]

It was in the late 1990’s when blended learning was first introduced and recognised as an educational approach. It has risen to prominence over the past few years, as training providers look for unique ways to provide a value-add to clients, and clients look to improve knowledge retention for their learners.

[2020] Which Training Tracking Software Tool Is Best?

There are a number of different software tools available to help you track employee training. From a specialist learning management system to a robust spreadsheet, this guide will help you to decide which training tracking tool is most appropriate for your training business. Everyone is familiar with two common reasons for tracking training: compliance and […]

Future-Proofing Your Training Business During COVID-19

If there’s one objective business leaders can all unite on this year, it’s trying to ensure that our business has a future. Meeting the shifting demands of the ‘new normal’ is critical in order to enable short-term continuity, however we must also consider what’s required of us long-term, in order to promote the future longevity […]

Using Taster Sessions As An Effective Marketing Tool

Forward-thinking training providers are capitalising on a new marketing initiative which is both easy to implement and particularly effective at attracting new business. Introducing, taster sessions. Taster sessions can be defined as an opportunity for delegates to experience your training offering prior to any payment or commitment on their part. It’s a unique chance for […]

The Training Providers Guide To Content Marketing

As a training business, if you currently promote and sell your training courses online, there’s a good chance you’ve considered content marketing already. You may well already be doing it. Content marketing for training providers, when done well, is a great way to let potential clients know about your offering, share industry news and insight […]