We are AmberEye, a new digital marketing
agency, but we are not “just another” agency.


We start by finding out how many potential clients there are for your business, research tells us that 20,000 people will buy a car, 2,000 people will buy jewellery and 3,500 people will buy household furniture in Dublin in the near future – but will they travel 10km to buy from your competitor or 1km to buy from you? Think about it.


We are offering the 1st two months free when you sign up with us.

Our Services

Web Design

A website helps a lot to understand who your target audience is, who browses it...

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

While there are many avenues of SEO they all serve the same purpose – taking you …

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a means of creating a personal, emotional connection between you and …

Website Audits

Initially, we will provide you with a free Website audit report to ensure your site is …

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