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We Do Things Differently

Introducing AmberEye, a new digital marketing company based in Dublin but not “just another” digital marketing agency, oh no, we do things different around here to help you get the word out and save you money.

We don’t work on speculations or assumptions about your target market and at AmberEye we know that no digital marketing strategy fits all. We understand your pain and we know how busy you are, but – there’s always a but – we pride ourselves in building long-lasting one-to-one relationships to help grow your business and your brand online.

Our knowledge of most of the Irish market and the tools we use gives us a competitive edge that our competitors can’t match because we have a very unique approach to social media marketing and to that end we will research your demographic, we will get the word out DIRECTLY to that market, that is the people who are actually LOOKING for what you are offering, be you plumber, baker or dressmaker. This will result in more sales, phone calls, site visitors and traffic for your business.

The key here is to keep it as simple as possible both for us and for you, our client, and we at AmberEye will find the singularity in your business and the strategies and solutions we provide and implement will be unique to you both now and in the future and we will start with Social Media advertising with a twist as research tells us that customers find companies that use social media to be more effective when engendering customer loyalty.

We will start by finding out how many potential clients there are for your business, our research tells us that, ideally, 20,000 people will buy a car, 2,000 people will buy jewellery and 3,500 people will buy household furniture in Dublin in the near future – this information is based on user behaviour, interests and demographics, but will they travel 10km to buy from your competitor or 2000m to buy from you?

We will meet and review your current strategy – including content – where relevant to see what has worked and, more importantly, what hasn’t, and start from there.


What They Said

Aidan and the team at AmberEye were both attentive and helpful at the various stages of our campaign for Matcha tea – https://organicmatcha.ie/. They performed media outreach for us in a crowded market and we were very pleased with the thoroughness of both the research and the writing skills used in the project.

I would very much recommend Aidan and AmberEye to anyone looking to collaborate on Media and marketing projects in the future.

Marc Murray – upfront.ie

We asked AmberEye to provide

an audit report for our website – therecipeguru.com. This provided us with actionable data which helped us to improve both our SEO and also our visitors’ user experience.

Niamh Sterling -Founder

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic our restaurant trade had slowed down considerably and as we were still offering a takeaway/delivery service we engaged AmberEye to help us to improve our sales in that area and they ran a very effective campaign for us using both Facebook and Instagram which helped us increase business by almost 40% and we will continue to work with them going forward as they know exactly what is needed to help us to continue serving our hungry customers.

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